Thursday 28 July 2011

Spending a Penny in WHS?

A shop assistant at WH Smith caused a nationwide stampede when she leaked details of a special 1p-an-item sale of discontinued items.
The worker, username Hermione987uk, told the website that a list of 42 games, books, DVDs and stationery items costing as much as £39.99 were slashed to just a penny at 1,000 outlets.

Bargains included the Simpsons Ho Ho Homer 500-piece jigsaw, originally priced at £39.99, as well as £19.99 Adopt a Penguin and Adopt a Rhino gifts, £12.49 Lego brick lights, £12 Host Your Own Dog Race Night DVDs and £6 Snowman jigsaws.
Given the diminishing influence of fragmented TV media, falling circulations of print media and the rise of savvy consumerism, could the 1p sale become the final traffic-builder, or the final chain-pull…?

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