Friday 29 July 2011

Football Legend Ronaldo To Be Used As European Central Bank Collateral

News that Ronaldo (or his feet) has been submitted by Bankia Group of savings banks in response to the ECB’s demand for guarantees of its solvency, raises the possible consequences of the player being transferred to the ECB in the event of a default….
However, apart from providing additional evidence of the complete farce that the global ponzi scheme has now become, the move could provide a way of optimising the increasing value of a good NAM.
For instance, if a leading-edge Tesco NAM, representing what could be 40%+ of a supplier’s sales and profits, decides to move, then the current supplier, Tesco and the new employer can suffer from the resulting ‘gardening leave’.
Why not introduce the practice of paying a transfer fee to cover all feelings of resentment and possible breach of confidences, thereby allowing the NAM to hit the ground running, and giving all three parties a vested interest in reducing the job to essential KPIs and their achievement…?

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