Monday 1 August 2011

Tesco Book publishing: All You Want To Know About Fruit

News that Tesco hopes to boost sales and consumption of fruit via a ‘non-Tesco’ book promoted this week in Tesco Superstores and Extra stores raises some interesting ideas about the future of book publishing.  
The book is written by Mark Blaylock and based on an idea by Tesco category director Nick Tatum. But although Tatum and members of his technical team are credited, the book does not bear Tesco branding or identify contributors as Tesco staff.     
This ‘non-Tesco’ livery, combined with free distribution to shoppers spending £5 on fruit, and special fixture display in the fruit section is bound to qualify the book for best-seller status, with obvious benefits for suppliers, Tesco,  shoppers and authors alike.
Suppliers in other categories should anticipate, even encourage similar treatments in their categories.
However, the real payoff for shoppers could be the extension of the idea to the commissioning of fiction works targeted at specific segments within Tesco’s 15m Clubcard population…
Think of the pleasure of curling up with a bespoke Stephen King novel, populated with like-minded folk within our income bracket, sharing our interests, health profile, age and family demographics, shopping and eating habits….scarey!

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