Friday 8 July 2011

Listing issues? – Try shopgifting…

Instead of wasting time trying to wind down on Saturday and gearing up again on Sunday, why not devote this weekend to ‘shopgifting’ in stores that have so far resisted your presentational skills?
Follow Julian Evans' lead and "shopgift" them onto shelves.
Julian Evans founded his children's wallpaper murals company Walltastic eight years ago, growing it into a £2m-turnover international business, but sells very little in the UK.
Following rejection by all UK retailers, the founder of Walltastic* childrens’ murals has been shopgifting i.e. strategically placing his goods in store, so customers pick it up and try to buy it (causing demand at checkout, got it?).
Walltastic now sells over 5,000 units every month in over 35 countries, and has products stocked in large online retailers such as Amazon as well as 150 other online shops specialising in homeware and children's goods.
Why not have a really different weekend, from the NamNews Team?

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