Friday 1 July 2011

UK unveils first ATM for gold…

Given the pressure on sterling and economic uncertainties this weekend, why not avail of the new gold-to-go machine at Westfield Shopping Centre? Risk-neutral KAMs will probably avail of the 1g gold bar, costing about £41 and "about as cheap as a bouquet of flowers but sure not to wither", an offer that may prove irresistible to partners that matter….

Westfield's gold ATM will sell bars and coins in various sizes, including a special 2.5g bar with the London skyline engraved on its reverse.

Makers Ex Oriente Lux said its products are sold in "top quality" boxes and are "a great gift idea".

...and even an opportunity for risk-seeking KAMs to profit from the 10 minute interval in gold price updates...?

Go on, have a precious weekend, from the Namnews Team!

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