Monday 5 September 2011

Amazon near-home delivery…

For customers with issues ref having their online purchases delivered to home or office, Amazon are apparently trialling a delivery locker in 7-11 for secure collection.
When the package is actually delivered, the customer receives an email notification along with a bar code to his smartphone and heads to the 7-Eleven. There he’ll stand in front of the locker system, which looks like the offspring between an ATM machine and a safety deposit box. The machine will scan the bar code on his handset to receive a PIN number. He’ll punch that PIN number and retrieve the package.
A prototype delivery locker from Amazon has been installed in the back of a 7-Eleven store in Seattle’s Capitol Hill neighbourhood.
Real issue will be how long 7-Eleven will be an essential part of the process i.e. a standalone unit in key 'commuter-stop locations'?

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