Tuesday 6 September 2011

Men falling victim to 'manity sizing' on the High Street?

Four out of five British stores are selling trousers with a waist up to two inches inch wider than the measurement shown on the garment.
An article in the Sunday Telegraph details research showing that M&S, Debenhams, Next, and Topman were found to be flattering customers by adding up to inch to the waistline. Supermarkets were the worst offenders, with some selling items with two inches to spare.
Overall, 28 out of 50 garments checked were found to be larger than on the label; seven were at least one and a half inches bigger; among those was a pair of Levi's 501 jeans, a fashion bulwark, which was 32.5 inches and not 31 as advertised.
Whilst this may meet vanity needs by being able to squeeze into the same size of trousers despite a growing waistline, savvy consumers are becoming increasingly frustrated to discover their sizes vary in this manner.
However, the real issue is not the size-variations but the variety of explanations offered by retailers, ranging from ‘manufacturing variations’ (as if retailers were unaccustomed to rejecting whole truck-loads of out-of-spec products), certain jeans ‘being worn lower on the hips to create a slightly cooler, baggy look’, designs to take into account ‘shrinkage of up to half an inch on the first wash’ all adding the growing reluctance of savvy consumers to outsource any aspect of the decision-making-process to marketers or retailers, ever again….

Given the opportunity for an online clothing supplier to produce sizes as described, and also save consumers the annoyance of having to try on trousers instore, perhaps the real victims of ‘manity sizing’ will be ‘bricks ‘n mortar’ outlets?

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