Friday 9 September 2011

Erotic capital and the KAM

The term ‘erotic capital’ refers to six or seven different but connected elements. It is multifaceted in that beauty, obviously, is a central element, but there are cultural variations in what determines beauty. There is also the idea of sexual attractiveness, which is not the same as beauty. Your sex appeal can have as much to do with your personality, style and sense of your femininity/masculinity.
There are also your social skills, whether you are a life-and-soul-of-the-party person and how you generally interact with other people. Your social presentation is important too, what you wear and how you wear it, as is your sexuality itself, your degree of sexual competence. But, overall, it’s important to remember that your erotic capital is as determined by your charm, charisma and social skills as much as anything else.
Scoring high on erotic capital may override in itself any deficiencies you have in economic, human and social capital. And it can have a considerable impact on a KAM’s salary too.
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