Thursday 12 April 2012

Asda adding retailtainment to the shopping basket?

Asda plans to revamp in-store marketing to improve core customer shopping experience, following Asda 'Mumdex' research which looked at how it could support mums and their sometimes over-enthusiastic off-spring.... Momentum, an integrated marketing communications agency have been appointed to enhance Asda’s key commercial trading occasions by creating a programme of retail events to
- engage customers
- ensure the programme delivers a proven commercial return
- strategically align with objectives of Asda’s brand partners
- use their digital and social platforms to promote events to customers.

This raises the issue of the extent to which suppliers and retailers share and optimise consumer insight and shopper insight in programmes that are based upon suppliers' differentiating retailers by shopper-profile, and tailoring trade strategies appropriately.

In other words, folks, in this case, an integrated ‘digital and physical’ opportunity to optimise Asda potential for brands with profiles that are congruent with Asda’s shopper profile…
One to watch, but still a bit to go to match instore theatre in Brazil...

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