Tuesday 24 July 2012

Need your Amazon delivery yesterday?

With Amazon's increasingly accurate profiling, coupled with its move to same day delivery, how far are they away from being able to so predict your needs and ability-to-pay that they can anticipate your requirement and ship the day before you order…?
With a no-questions-asked returns policy, who cares if they (or you!) get it wrong sometimes?
The ultimate in permission marketing?

Fussy about surrendering so much to a retailer?
Then how about using your favourite grocer as a source for all your groceries (from womb to tomb) and non-food; buying, paying for and insuring your house, undergoing health-checks and sourcing prescriptions, collecting and spending the points, and availing of some cash-back at the checkout?

In fact, just steps away from arranging for your salary to be paid directly to the retailer’s new bank to fulfil all your spending needs…savvy?

Underestimating Amazon?  

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