Thursday 23 August 2012

Increasing network productivity now, before you need it

In a flat-line economy, NAMs are faced with a dilemma: can networking be a ‘natural’ instinctive process, or does it require method in order to be mutually productive?
Unfortunately, reaching high levels of network productivity can take more years than are available, especially in unprecedented times.

Instinctive networking: 
Before the uncertainties arising from the global financial crisis, networking for NAMs and other functions was a casual, ad hoc process conducted offline in spare time, with little concern or need for measurable output.

High output networking:
Now, with many ‘networkees’ fighting for survival, and flooded with incoming overtures, networking entry-barriers are high, making response-achievement even more difficult.
We believe that a systematic, focused approach can help you now, before you need it.

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