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Tuesday 3 June 2014

Networking departed passengers...

The supercool quiet dude nursing a vodka tonic in the next seat could be already at his final destination... This could explain the failure of your skilled efforts in trying to network with a fellow airline passenger, possibly causing you to revert to LinkedIn for a slightly higher response rate...

According to a new BBC documentary* dead passengers on British Airways flights are seated in first class and disguised using 'sunglasses and a vodka tonic' out of respect for the departed, given the limited on-board alternatives available.....

This obviously raises the issue of why networking sometimes fails.

Essentially, proactive networking is more about giving than receiving, meaning that on balance the target gains more in the short and medium term from the process.

Eventually, networking results in some reciprocation - a ratio of ten to one initiatives satisfies professional networkers - or else some other more persuasive method is required if the target is that important, and alive to your initiatives...

In the long term, the networker can begin to draw from the joint pool, whilst continuing to top up the reserve...

Anything else is selfishness, doomed to result in unproductive dead-ends...

(Let me know if you want a free copy of our networking notes for NAMs)

*A Very British Airline, BBC2 iplayer

Thursday 23 August 2012

Increasing network productivity now, before you need it

In a flat-line economy, NAMs are faced with a dilemma: can networking be a ‘natural’ instinctive process, or does it require method in order to be mutually productive?
Unfortunately, reaching high levels of network productivity can take more years than are available, especially in unprecedented times.

Instinctive networking: 
Before the uncertainties arising from the global financial crisis, networking for NAMs and other functions was a casual, ad hoc process conducted offline in spare time, with little concern or need for measurable output.

High output networking:
Now, with many ‘networkees’ fighting for survival, and flooded with incoming overtures, networking entry-barriers are high, making response-achievement even more difficult.
We believe that a systematic, focused approach can help you now, before you need it.

See our free 3-page guide here 

Wednesday 18 July 2012

Right Selfishness Quotient? - how selfishness can compromise your network response…

If you are in the business of persuading others via networking (know anyone who is not?) then perhaps it is time to check your ‘selfishness quotient’ as an indicator of possible low responsiveness?
In other words, what you give (free) should always exceed your receipts by a factor of 10… i.e. at any point in time there should be 90% giving vs.10% response…scarey!
Having sorted your inputting/outputting, a sure way to improve the odds is to check your Linkedin contacts and delete those who only allow you access to ‘shared’ contacts -  the ultimate indicator of selfishness?
This will at least ensure that your remaining network contains individuals that are into a bit of give-and-take, with the right encouragement...
For (free!) guidelines on Optimising your Networking see KamLibrary