Tuesday 21 August 2012

Tesco's virtual store, the end of QR?

Tesco’s virtual store at Gatwick is proving popular*
A subtle point to note on the video is the fact that Tesco are using barcodes for product scan-identification rather than QR codes….
Could Tesco be ahead of the QR game?.

The premature demise of QR codes
According to US blog: The Shelf Edge the QR code is dead.
'The problem is that few marketers understood, or understand, how to use these codes; they were a novelty at best, but one that in practice offered little real value to consumers. It was this lack of value that contributed to the codes’ demise'.

Opportunities or Threats in the UK?
Given their relative novelty in the UK, perhaps QR codes should be used more imaginatively by linking users to a mobile-optimised sites that offer real value?

In other words, someone needs to think through the fundamentals of consumer need, and optimise the technology to match, while there is some life remaining in QR codes?

* See video onsite usage and commentary by passengers on here.

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