Monday 3 September 2012

Beat 'em or join 'em? Coca Cola co-branded Private label promo…

                                                                               pic: Brand Privat, Romania*
In their fourth co-branded promotion in Romania, Coca Cola have again linked with a private label.
For the next two weeks Coca Cola will team with Real Quality, the mainstream private brand from Real hypermarket (part of Metro Group) in a ‘buy a special Olympic pack (2 bottles 2l Coca Cola) and get a free 50g pack with Real Quality salted sticks.

Previous promotions included:  

1. Coca Cola with spaghetti Fine Food (mainstream Private label from Metro Cash&Carry). Buy one box with four bottle Coca Cola 2l get 2 packs spaghetti 200g for free. This one was followed by a huge door-to-door campaign. Over 400,000 free samples (one bottle 1l Coca Cola + one pack 200g spaghetti Fine Food).
2. Coca Cola with spaghetti Top Apetit (entry level Private label from Penny Market – part of Rewe Group). Buy two bottle Coca Cola 2,5l and get one pack spaghetti 300g for free.
3. Coca Cola with “pasca*” Cora (mainstream Private label from Cora – the hypermarket chain Louis Delhaize). Special promo price for the pack.                                                                                             *pasca is the Romanian name for a traditional cheese pie made only for Easter. Followed by a two weeks out-door campaign in all the cities with Cora hypermarkets.

The real issue here is a major brand’s willingness to seek synergies via collaboration with a private label when it represents a logical, linked offering to the consumer…
A lesson (and a test?) for other brands?

Source: Brand Privat, Romania

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