Friday 9 November 2012

'Boots the Grocer' - How Walgreens and Musgrave are helping them become a force in UK convenience…

Given that Walgreens, Boots 45% partner’s experience of food in pharmacy, give c15% of their store space to food, coupled with the Musgrave trial of food-to-go in Boots’ branches means that ‘Boots the Chemist’ could become a big competitor in the UK convenience landscape.

A new report from him! focuses on the Boots / Musgrave food range trial, and new exclusive shopper feedback shows that shoppers are excited about the extended range of food products being trialled in 11 Boots stores.  Looking to Boots to provide healthier alternatives, 58% said that they are likely to buy from this new food range at Boots in the future.

Why this initiative matters to everyone...
Given their track record, traditional suppliers to Boots will not underestimate the ability of this global player to expand synergistically via the right partners. Moreover, this logical brand-stretch via healthy food from a quality convenience retailer, combined with Boots retail footprint and regular traffic, has to represent a major breakthrough in the convenience sector, for both retailers.

Implications in a zero-sum market
The obvious implications in terms of relative space, ease-of-access and increased buying muscle means that it is important therefore that all suppliers tap into the Walgreens food background and link this with Musgrave’s quality convenience-experience in order to adequately factor this innovative food range trial into your trade strategies…

Full details of the Walgreens-Boots merger, the Boots-Musgrave trial and shopper reactions in the him! report

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