Friday 23 November 2012

Pit-stop perfection: Formula 1 teams reveal their split-second technology

Lack of time to have a haircut or change a set of tyres can be indicators that 24/7 NAMs need to review their time-management skills.

With this weekend's Grand Prix in Brazil marking the climax of the Formula 1 season, there may be lessons to learn from how top Marussia and McLaren drivers use technology to try to shave fractions of a second off a trip to the pits.

BBC News went behind the scenes with the two teams to learn how it simply takes 4-men per tyre and a heap of state-of-art technology to make a difference…Full 3.23 minute video here.

Incidentally, for those NAMs that like a target, McLaren recorded the world's fastest Formula 1 pit stop during the German Grand Prix in July this year, with a stationary time of 2.31 seconds, while they changed Jenson Button's tyres.

So, with the right attitude and tools, and a slightly faster car, it can well be possible to fit in that last-minute dash to the buyer’s waiting-room queue, with every hair cut to perfection… 

Have a full 172,800-second weekend, from the NamNews team!

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