Monday 26 November 2012

Amazon-the-grocer moves from 22,000 to 150,000 products since July 2010

With a sevenfold increase in the groceries it offers online in barely two years, ‘having completely met expectations and growing great’, in a flatline market, Amazon has to be growing at the expense of traditional grocers. Whilst some big-lunged suppliers and retailers may decide to await the outcome of possible government moves ref alleged tax issues, proactive suppliers will take a positive approach and follow the market…..

Managing Amazon-the-grocer
This means accepting the fact that Amazon are going to go all the way with food, offering the simplicity of 1-click ordering, pick-up/drop-off convenience on the back of a food range that knows no limits, and no-quibble returns, all tailored in terms of consumer tell-your-friend delight.

It also means staffing Amazon with NAMpower matched to potential, rather than history, of a quality that can scope out and deliver an omni-channel strategy that integrates with all other ways of buying your products, seamlessly…using the Amazon strategy as a template for all other retail.

How to recognise this Amazing NAM?
Big-thinking question:  ask candidates how Amazon might finesse its home delivery within the M25…
Disqualifying hint: In terms of ways and means, given Amazon’s growth record and prospects, how long do you think it would take them to raise the £386m it would take to buy Ocado at today’s share price?

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