Friday 20 September 2013

19:33 is wine-time for NAMs also?

New, intensive and dedicated research by the International Wine Challenge reveals the exact time of wine o'clock.

The survey commissioned by the prestigious wine competition investigated the habits of British wine drinkers, unveiling that this exact time was the average time for a glass of vino in the UK.

Key findings indicate:
  • Men were most likely to crack open a bottle first, with almost twice as many men (14%) as women (8%) taking their first sip before 6pm
  • Age also proved to be an important factor when deciding when to reach for the Rioja. Over 65s perhaps relishing the relaxed pace of ‘retired’ life reported the earliest time for wine o'clock at 7:12pm, and were three times more likely to indulge in a glass before 4pm
  • Around a third (30%) of 25-34 year olds would have their first glass of wine before 7pm, while 45-54 year olds were most likely to wait until after the wineshed to take a sip
  • Wine drinkers in the capital and Wales proved to be the thirstiest, with the average wine o'clock for both regions being 7:18pm
  • Welsh drinkers were also most likely to have an early evening slurp, with 10% saying they would enjoy a glass before 6pm
  • Residents in the North West of England were least likely to indulge in an early vino with only 2% admitting to drinking wine before 6pm
Given the 24/7 nature of the job, and the possibility of wine being regarded as an antidote, we believe that NAMs and KAMs should continue to stand apart from the crowd, avoid the above obsession with the clock, and imbibe (with appropriate KPIs) to match felt-need, in line with their dedication and professional approach to other aspects of the role, regardless….

Have a timeless and forgettable weekend, from the NamNews Team!

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