Tuesday 18 February 2014

The Super Shopper dominates multichannels for 70% of retail sales...

A new study by eBay and Deloitte detailed in Internet Retailing, defines the Super Shopper as a user of smartphones and tablets to access all multichannels, with retailers needing to target these people to boost their sales in all routes to consumer.

While most of the population are now buying in shops and online, Super Shoppers are more likely to add to this by browsing across different mobile devices and making use of on-to-offline services like Click & Collect.

These 18% of people who shop frequently account for 70% of total UK retail sales (equivalent to over £200bn in 2013).

Super Shoppers are also highly savvy, finds eBay. They are 30% more likely to do their research online before visiting a store.

Meanwhile, comparison-services like Which? are making it easier for shoppers to objectively assess the merits of traditional retailers. The latest Which? report shows that Aldi has edged out Waitrose as the UK's favourite supermarket based on its pricing, quality of fresh food, its range of products and how easy it is to find items (Yes, Aldi!).

In fact, Aldi polled 76% in the survey, with Waitrose reaching 75%, and The Co-operative coming last at 50%, according to The Daily Mail. The Mail also quoted a new report by Rowan, a specialist discount wholesaler, showing that 63% of UK consumers now shop in places such as Poundland or 99p Stores.

And pound shops are certainly not the preserve of those on lower incomes. In fact, 49% of those in households earning £50,000 or more shop in fixed price stores.

All told, we are witnessing the emergence of super-savvy shoppers, willing and able - via augmented comparison services - to shop around, at high speed and via every available channel.

They are radically changing retailing in the process...

Patently, retailers and brand owners not only have to ensure that consistent multichannel messages and positioning statements are available to all shoppers, but it seems crucial that all such dialogue be transparent and defensible on the assumption that all shoppers are now super-savvy, with the kit to match....

Moreover, most shoppers now have the means to implement the 10x tell-a-friend multiplier...  In other words, shoppers that like a product/retailer tell 1 friend, those who dislike 'what was in the tin' complain to 10 friends...  

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