Wednesday 7 May 2014

Negotiating domestically against hopelessly uneven odds...

Ever wondered how your kids inherited - from the other household expert - and apply high level negotiating skills without ever meeting a buyer?

How they can up-the-ante in terms of the number of bedtime-stories on the evening you arranged to go to the game… How demand levels are even determined by the way you close the car-door on arriving home...

If in doubt, think of the innate skills and insight deployed by your domestic negotiators, by reflex, in beating you hands-down every time:
- A deep and abiding knowledge of every aspect of your character
- Seemingly infallible memories of even the most trivial of events, with word-perfect recall when required
- Infinite levels of sensitivity to your verbal and non-verbal behaviour
- Keen observation and monitoring of how you ‘negotiate’ with the other family experts
- Unashamed access to, and use of, every emotion in the ‘book’

However, the real issue is that we were all expert negotiators at the same age, but somehow (too many workshops?) developed the belief that something more ‘professional’ was required when dealing with ‘real’ negotiators…

In practice, deep study and playback of our domestic encounters might provide more insight and yield even more tools for your repertoire.

Come to think of it, why not explain ROCE to family members and let them flesh out subtleties and applications that you and I can only dream about…?

From an idea inspired by Jeremy Blain

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