Thursday 8 May 2014

GSCOP – The NAM’s opportunity to influence its application

Given that NAMs operate at the supplier-retailer interface and often bear the brunt of any breakdown in the relationship, they are probably well qualified to assess the extent to which joint business objectives are being hampered by Code-related issues.

NAMs are also best placed to benefit from any improvement in trade relationships….

GSCOP and the appointment of a Groceries Code Adjudicator were obviously steps forward, but this anonymous survey gives suppliers an opportunity to give their opinion on how the Code currently works in the real world, without the possibility of adverse reaction by their customers.

The survey is being conducted YouGov, on a site that is independent of the GCA, to preserve respondents’ anonymity.

Obviously the more people that complete the survey, the more influential will be its output. It will also give respondents a personal stake in the results that will be presented at the GCA Conference on 23rd June 2014.

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