Friday 6 February 2015

When £1 morphs into £2 – the Poundland acquisition of 99p Stores

This morning’s announcement was an inevitable consequence of post-financial crisis pressures driving shoppers to the bottom layer of the squeezed middle.

But the real issue is trade consolidation.

What started as a raggle-taggle novelty retailing initiative based on suppliers and retailers finding a way of making money on a £1 version of brands, might have struggled had inflation been maintained at ‘normal’ levels.

However, pro-longed flatline demand, combined with low inflation, allowed the pound shop to flourish, but as usual, some more than others.

Suppliers' enthusiastic development of a strategic approach to the £1 channel has now made it possible for pound shops to enter the mainstream...  Mergers/takeovers will be inevitable, causing the usual issues of prices and terms dis-harmonies, just because these smaller 1-off customers were interesting, but too small to matter when it came to ensuring the national integrity of our pricing and terms model..

Impact of the Tesco-cull
Given what could be a SKU-shakeout of 30% of the range arising from the Tesco-cull, suppliers now need to reassess and optimise alternative routes to consumer, and make appropriate changes to their marketing strategies, especially as the increasingly fragmented world of TV and press advertising causes advertisers and the savvy target audience/s to embrace online/social media.

Taking the mainstream pound shops even more seriously, might help… 

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