Friday 13 February 2015

A Friday thought: Walgreens Boots Alliance = Boots Global?

Given that Alliance Boots = 1/3 WBA, it would seem that Boots is an important but unequal part of WBA.

However, the combination of AB’s global experience vs. Walgreens’ US-centricity, the fact that four of the five divisions of WBA are run by Boots management, and noting that the acting-CEO has a major 16% shareholding backing up his global vision, might cause us to conclude that we are witnessing the emergence of the only truly global H&B player in the world.

Moreover, a key objective has to be the use of Boots UK Ltd impressive results (ROCE: 26.1% and Net Margin BT: 8%), as a financial target for the £74bn group.

Besides, the more pragmatic among us might conclude that on balance, given these unprecedented times, it is probably better to have Mr. P operating inside, rather than outside the WBA tent…

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