Thursday 4 June 2015

For the Maturing NAM - all your daily medication in one pack!

                                                                                                       Source: PillPack Inc. via Bloomberg

According to Bloomberg, PillPack Inc have raised $50m to build a better online drugstore with a simple idea: dividing up customers’ pills by the time and date they should be taken.

Following its launch of the ‘daily’ service in February 2014, PillPack (see video here) has delivered over 1m packs by focusing on routine prescriptions and OTC products.

An obvious plus for an ageing population on an increasingly complex mix of medication, reaching new levels in convenience, and inevitable lock-in for satisfied users.

The issue for suppliers might be possible loss of the pack-to-patient connection

The only question is whether Walgreens-Boots and CVS can organise to replicate the service, cheaper…

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