Thursday 18 June 2015

Waitrose 'pick your own discount' scheme - a further move from Back to Front margin?

Waitrose has introduced a new personalisation initiative instore and online called ‘pick your own offers’ to keep up with the competitive grocery market.

myWaitrose loyalty card holders will be encouraged  to select 10 products that they would like to save 20% on, from 1,000 own-label and branded goods (staple items and more luxurious treats).
Whilst Waitrose unique initiative democratises the discount-choice, the issue for suppliers has to be the removal of control from a classic back-margin driven bucket, to a 1,000 product pool of Waitrose choice, and ultimately the discretion of the shopper…

Not what was intended in supplier strategies, but perhaps the ultimate in meeting shopper needs?

...and if successful in terms of traffic driving, a pointer for other retailers?

BTW, if you feel more secure with traditional back margin utilisation, it may be worth checking your category promo-profitability rating in Nielsen's latest interactive Win-Lose survey of promo-breakeven results

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