Monday 4 July 2016

Smartphone shopper-tracking, a privacy-value trade-off?

Presumably, smartphone tracking in the High Street will yield more information than 'standard' security cameras, albeit some inevitable under-counting because of opt-out moves by privacy-sensitive shoppers and non-phone citizens...?

According to The Daily Mail, retailers so far signed up to take part include Pret a Manger, Aldi, Oxfam, Pizza Hut, Superdrug, Thorntons, Dixons Carphone, Patisserie Valerie, Jack Wills, Tortilla, The Entertainer, Eurochange, Itsu, and Ed’s Easy Diner, via 1,000 sensors that will be placed in 81 towns and cities.

The issue for all stakeholders will be the nature of the additional insights harvested - other than names - via wifi linkage, and the use in terms of consumer benefits...

In other words, to escape labelling as 'another 'Big Brother' move, it is important that changes are made in shopper service levels are demonstrably related to the information gathered.

The question is whether the risk of negative reaction by post-Brexit savvy consumers and their representatives, is worth the trouble...

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