Monday 6 January 2020

ROCE - the ultimate KPI Helping Sainsbury's grow their ROCE

NAMs needing to understand real profitability (their own or that of the customer) have to be able to calculate Return On Capital Employed. i.e. (see above diagram) putting a company's sales below and above the line, shows that ROCE is a combination of Profit on Sales, times Sales divided by Capital Employed. In other words, Margin x Capital turn.

You are either in a small margin, rapid rotation business (chilled produce) or a large margin, slower rotation business (Cosmetics).

You improve business profitability by improving the margin or speeding up rotation...

Taking Sainsbury's latest 2019 Annual Report, we have NamCalced their ROCE 1.97%, pre-tax Net Margin 0.82% and Stockturn 15.03 times, as follows (in millions):

Help Sainsbury's improve their ROCE (and thereby drive their share price) by a combination of improving their net margin, and improving their capital rotation, as follows:

Three of the calculators for NAMs in NamCalc!

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