Wednesday 22 September 2021

Lidl Outperforms Rivals In Northern Ireland With Sales Up 25% Over Two Years

Tesco retained its crown as Northern Ireland’s largest grocer with a 3.2% increase in sales as customers bought 5.3% more products while in store. Sainsbury’s grew by 1.9% as shoppers visited the retailer four more times than they did the previous year, whilst Asda’s sales rose by 2.5% as shoppers made additional trips to its stores and added extra items to their baskets.

NamNews Implications:
  • Results appear to indicate that suppliers and retailers that are prepared to overcome supply-chain issues in NI can benefit from increased demand…
  • While others 'wait & see’….
  • Meanwhile, given that Lidl have no Aldi competition in NI, their NI and UK share is the same...
  • . ..begging the question: Why are Aldi not in NI, given their success in ROI?
  • The exit-clock ticking for Asda?

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