Monday 28 November 2022

SPAR Planning To Extend Own Label Range

SPAR has revealed that it plans to develop its own-label range across more frozen, ambient and non-food items next year to cater to cash-strapped consumers during the cost of living crisis.

Speaking to trade publication The Grocer, the symbol group’s Managing Director Louise Hoste noted that shoppers were actively seeking own-label lines in categories that were traditionally brand-led.

SPAR’s own-label range currently comprises around 1,000 lines across chilled, fresh and BWS, as well as frozen, ambient and non-food. It plans to create another 90 new lines during 2023 across the frozen, ambient and non-food categories.

Hoste is quoted by The Grocer as saying: “Own label share is growing faster than brands in categories such as health and beauty, and we are well-placed to meet this growing need. Frozen is a category which serves many customers’ needs at a keen price point, whilst also enabling customers to manage their food waste and being able to have meal solutions ready to go straight from the freezer.

“Inevitably, considering the cost of living crisis, the SPAR brand team are reviewing all categories to ensure customers have suitable options for their budgets, whether that is customers that are still looking to treat themselves with premium, or customers looking for value products.”

NamNews Implications:
  • It could be said that most grocery retailers are pursuing this option...
  • ...overtly or not.
  • Meaning brands need to increase their appeal vs, own label equivalent.
  • In a manner that fits most routes to market...
  • It used to be called tailor-making, folks!
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