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Tuesday 22 September 2015

Peanut Corporation of America owner sentenced to 28 years

The ex-peanut company mogul was convicted on counts of conspiracy, obstruction of justice, fraud and other crimes in relation to the 2008-2009 salmonella outbreak which caused death of nine people and sickened more than 700. The incident caused one of the largest food recalls in US history. The QC Manager received 5 years and a food broker, 20 years, as parties to the conspiracy.

The key issue here is the escalation of accountability to the highest level in a company, along with the key players involved, and appropriate levels of punishment.

This development has to cause other companies and their teams to re-visit responsibilities re legislation and impact, everywhere.

Whilst in this case there appears to be no doubt as to culpability, it would be a pity if it caused business leaders and their teams to be over-cautious in terms of innovation and optimising resources in the marketplace.

Success in business is still about responsible risk-taking, working within existing rules and regulations, and this success will result from playing within the full ball-park, in full knowledge and observance of the legal and moral limits, while competitors seize this excuse for risk-avoidance in the centre of the pitch…