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Monday 8 October 2012

Tesco Bank - a double-edged sword for retailers?

News that Tesco is only months away from breaking into mainstream banking with current accounts signals the arrival of real competition in the banking sector.

This is a real opportunity to heighten savvy consumers' awareness of value-for-money applied to banking services, helping  consumers to understand that voting with their feet can be an option in banking as well as all other aspects of their consumption.

Tesco tactics
The introduction of 'grocery tactics' like multi-buys, bogofs, money-off offers and, heaven forbid, loyalty points on debit cards, will all help to break down what remains of traditional banking 'mystique'.
Moreover, the inclusion of user-friendly like-with-like comparisons will encourage consumers to develop and use a basic level of numerical skills in choosing financial products, without having to second-guess the provider.

Traditional banks that do not follow suit will lose business to those that are not afraid to clarify their offerings.

The opportunity
There are 15 million Tesco Clubcard holders of whom 6.5 million are loyal and regular users. Tesco needs to converts only a fraction of them to make a sizeable dent in the other banks’ business.

All Tesco have to do is run an efficient, value-for-money service that delivers no-quibble financial products that just exceed expectation, at fractionally less than what it  costs elsewhere...

In the process, Tesco might usefully benchmark itself against the Coop Bank, a competitor that is perceived to have emerged from the global financial crisis with its reputation untarnished.

The sting in the tail is that having sharpened their ability to assess value-for-money and gained more confidence with the numbers, the savvy consumers will then apply this incremental savvy to their regular shopping, and thereby raise the retail game in the high street.

A really incremental gain for Tesco, if they play their cards right...

Tuesday 3 July 2012

Bankers & Politicians, the remaining ‘trust’ evaporates?

Given the latest global LIBOR banking scandal, with politicians playing belated catch-up, the one certainty is that savvy consumers are becoming more entrenched in their determination never to outsource their product-buying decision-making to third parties like suppliers and retailers, ever again. Apart from the ‘obvious’ irreversible damage to the City and traditional banking brands (and unprecedented opportunities for the Co-op bank, Tesco-bank and other retailers that carry little banking baggage. They simply need the skill to count reliably and meet consumer needs) this new ‘unprecedented turmoil means that suppliers have to increasingly deal, and be seen to deal, in business reality.

A wake-up call to end all wake-up calls?
This current wake-up call from 30 years of credit-fuelled demand has already lasted four years (!) and as a result we are embarked upon 10-15 years of flat-line growth, to be overseen and driven by increasingly savvy consumers, who will be satisfied with nothing less than demonstrable value for money…a new culture that is spreading back up the supply-chain…with de-stocking simply one symptom.
With EU unemployment at 15%, rising to 25% in the age segments that matter, consumers, suppliers, retailers and whole countries deleveraging (i.e. using money to pay down debt rather than investing/spending), there will simply be little or no basis for real growth, anywhere, for a long, long time.
The new business reality
This is the new business reality…an opportunity for anyone prepared to face up to it…
In fact, in the current climate business success, and even survival, is about being able to optimise reality.  Indeed, if you do not face up to reality in business, others will do it for you…  Hence the reason why bankers and politicians gradually increase their influence on a faltering business until they eventually officiate in its liquidation. And the LIBOR crisis is currently demonstrating the reliability and trustworthiness of both…
Like never before, reality now counts, bigtime, and the responsibility for dealing in reality is now in your hands, where it belongs, and should be kept

Q: Is this really the responsibility of NAMs & KAMs?