Monday 31 October 2011

CASH CONVERTERS: an alternative route to consumer?

Yes and no, in that your brand may reach new consumers, second-hand…
SECOND-hand goods retailer Cash Converters is opening a new store in the UK every nine days thanks to the harsh economic climate and aims to increase its number of stores five-fold to 1,000. 
Cash Converters International Limited is a worldwide pawnbroking franchise company, listed on the ASX and London Stock Exchange. They also offer small financial loans to people.
The purchase price of the goods on show can be ascertained by looking at the price ticket which will have a code on it relating to BLACKSMITH = 1234567890. For example BH = £10 Some stores use differing codes such as BLACKWHITE or MONEYTALKS. This code can then be used to bargain with sales staff, an item will generally be let go at twice purchase price, regardless of marked price.
Easy to miss on a normal storecheck, cash Converters began trading in the UK in 1992, New Zealand (1993), South Africa (1994), France (1994), Canada (1995), Spain (1995) and the USA (1994).
Key categories are consumer durables, but little reason to exclude consumer packaged goods, as the sector develops… 
A new option for the savvy consumer as pre-owned goods increasingly take up consumer demand in austerity?

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