Tuesday 7 February 2012

Pound shops: increasingly must-supply?

If you accept that we are now in a flatline decade, we all need pound shops.
As retail landlords, local government, the savvy consumer and suppliers are force-fed reality, so the downmarket, increasingly common big five players become more appealing as solutions to all stakeholders’ problems…
With over 3,000 outlets across the UK, the inevitable trade concentration is taking place, resulting in 6 major chains as the good guys get better. …the way NAMs like it, in fact.
As the chains have grown, suppliers have been willing to strike dedicated deals with them and this has seen pound stores stock more focused lines on a more regular basis, even in private label.
To help ‘those in-house’ to see the light, see our detailed treatment giving thumbnails of the major players, key category opportunities, latest available shopper-research and our glimpse of the future.
On your next ‘day-out’, why not check out some outlets as a supplier, discover at least £20 worth of essential purchases as you morph into a pound-shopper, and come out determined to find a way of adapting your range to optimise this emerged route to consumer, like your competitors?   Fabian Panthaki, NamNews

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