Wednesday 8 February 2012

How can finance be used by NAMs, day-to-day?

Why bother?
If the public are becoming more financially astute, due in part to the banks’ slow motion devaluation of savers’ funds via the differential between CPI inflation at 4.2% and 3.2% rates on deposits (the result is a net outflow of 1% value…), coupled with the banks’ added ‘bonus’ of bailouts at the expense of the taxpayer, then perhaps NAMs might profit from applying the same financial insights in their day-jobs?

Real opportunities or not?
In fact, the real issue here is the extent to which there are genuine trade opportunities available in unprecedented times, and if so, what are the tools required in order to optimise those opportunities, faster than the opposition.

What do I need?
Being able to calculate and demonstrate the supplier’s direct impact on a customer’s financial performance, faster than other suppliers, consolidates that edge…
Using numbers from the customer’s latest annual reports engages the share-owning buyer, to the exclusion of any competitor awaiting a return to normal…

So what?
In today’s unprecedented times the only certainties are money, and the need for survival in supply and retail.  Ignorance of your own company accounts and an understanding of how they relate to the customer’s financial performance needlessly adds personal risk to the other unprecedented uncertainties affecting a NAM’s survival in the marketplace.  However, even a modicum of financial understanding can vastly improve the odds in your favour…
For a step-by-step approach finding opportunities in a customer’s latest annual report, see our latest checklist in Kamcity library 

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