Friday 31 May 2013

Google Revs Up Its Online Retail Efforts With Third Party Customer Service Ratings

According to an article in eWeek, Google has reached a deal with customer service ratings vendor STELLAservice to provide buyer satisfaction data to online customers who want to buy items from Google Trusted Stores merchants and other Google partners. The program is aimed at boosting the confidence of buyers before making their online purchases from companies that they haven't dealt with in the past.

STELLAservice uses a nationwide network of full-time mystery shoppers who evaluate retail Websites and their customer service using unbiased methods, according to the company.

This will also give Google more information about what people are buying and what retailers are selling online, thereby making it easier to use the insight to drive up their ad revenue.

In addition, the move will represent a credibility-advantage over current traditional community-driven comments and reviews. Websites where purchasers post reviews of their experiences are no longer working out in practice.

However, whilst third party customer service ratings will help, we all know that ultimate success in helping people buy is down to exceeding customer expectations from enquiry to fulfillment, and beyond.., better than available alternatives, even Amazon…

The big retail cleanup
Given the stakes and stakeholders, it is becoming apparent that online will ultimately raise the service-level bar and spell the end of rogue and incompetent retailers, everywhere...leaving the field to those that can make a difference, a substantial difference! 

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