Thursday 23 May 2013

Walmart to send automated shopping lists to its mobile app

By crunching data about a customer's buying habits, the store thinks it can pop up the things they'll need to buy. Using its ‘bigger than Pentagon’ database, it will automatically create shopping lists for customers on its mobile app

In so doing, Walmart is endorsing its belief that in-store buying influenced by mobile use is on track to be about twice as big as e-commerce sales by 2016.

The app already includes a shopping-list function, which can tell customers where to find their products in the store and give them relevant digital coupons they can redeem through the phone.

Potential revenue stream in offering manufacturers 'highlighting' of their brands already on list?

Next step automated deliveries unless countermanded?
Risky, but if they get it right….

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Mattress Cleaner said...

Does a jailbroken iphone work with walmarts phone service? I was just wondering if I could use the StraightTalk phone service from Walmart on a jailbroken iphone?